"Cracked Mirror"

"I just want to scream, get out of my life, there’s so many people in my head I don’t want you inside.  If anger is your aim, revenge is my game - isn’t it funny they can be one and the same?

Respect is what you want but you’ve got to give to get, does that make you any different from the rest? You use people, bruise people, mentally abuse people and still you think you’re the best.

I want to cry but I must live the lie, what satisfaction is there in living when you must always hide? People think we’re perfect, and perfect is what you see - I wish perfection could be better because it’s a shithole to me. 

There’s a crack in our facade, it’s spreading that’s a fact.  You outta fix it soon to keep your reputation intact.”

*I don’t remember where I saw this but I took a pic of it and wanted to post it…I’m pretty sure it describes my life lol